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is Space Clearing?

Space Clearing means cleansing the space on an energy level.

The objective is to raise the frequency rate of energy in a given space to make it suitable and beneficial for that of the human energy field.

Space Clearing is widely known in many native cultures and religions since ancient times and is performed with many different tools and procedures. Some are just symbolic rituals and do not need particular human skills to be carried out.

Other more advanced and effective techniques require excellent knowledge, extended training, profound spiritual connection, and sophisticated sensitivity to achieve optimal results.


we need Space Clearing?

Our biofield–also called the energy field, the astral light, or etheric field– is made of subtle and electromagnetic energy (the Aura) and it constantly interacts with energies in the surrounding. Like any energy, our biofield has a vibrational frequency rate that can decrease, on top of other causes, once exposed to other energies with lower vibrational rates like those generated by negative human feelings, thoughts, and intentions.

Nourishing and protecting energetically our body are the primary functions of the biofield. When the biofield vibration is lower than its natural rate, we might be exposed to physical and mental health-related issues and spiritual disconnection.
The role of Space Clearing is to cleanse a space from energies vibrating at lower rates that may negatively affect our biofield.


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do we need Space Clearing?

You feel stuck in one or more areas of your life

Your house has never been cleared before

You feel uncomfortable in your house

You’re moving or have moved into a new house

You are planning to sell you property

After a relationship breakup

Your family is welcoming a new baby

There’s been a death in the family

You or someone in your house have been or is going through a long period of illness

You’re sensing a presence in your house


Is your case

Let’s talk.



    Toronto and the GTA in person and Worldwide via Face Time, Skype, Zoom, or Whatsapp.


    Space Clearing for Business Spaces

    Business Space Clearing works on the same principles of the generic Space Clearing mentioned above.

    Space Clearing is particularly recommended for medical clinics, spas, yoga studios, offices, commercials, and spaces where clients’ mental clarity and relaxation are key to the purpose of the business.

    Business Space Clearing creates a peaceful, friendly, collaborative, and cohesive workplace where people feel focused, appreciated, empowered, and motivated.

    Space Clearing is particularly advisable in the following cases:

    • When sales start to drop
    • When new clients rate start to drop
    • During financial difficulties
    • Before a business opens to the public
    • When there is a location change
    • Before, during, and after litigation
    • Where employee illness or absenteeism increases
    Fees and plans

    Fees and Plans

    Fees start from C$ 180 for 1,000 sq/ft and increase depending on the space size.

    Two annual clearing sessions

    10% discount
    Ideal for singles, couples, small-sized families, and individual offices.

    Four annual clearing sessions

    15% discount
    Ideal for medium-sized families and small offices and commercials.

    Six annual clearing sessions

    20% discount
    Ideal for large-sized families and medium-sized offices and commercials.

    Monthly clearing sessions

    30% discount
    Ideal for large-sized offices and commercials, spas, medical clinics, yoga studios, and any workspace where clients' mental clarity and relaxation are key to the purpose of the business.

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      Fees and plans


      (my) Space Clearing works


      I don’t perform rituals or use amulets, sounds, smoke, or other tools in my Space Clearing. There is a universal force that even Science admits the existence and its crucial role in our Universe life, dynamic, and balance. In some religions and healing communities worldwide, this force is called Orgone, Life Force, Prana, Chi, or in many other ways. It’s energy vibrating at very high rates and, therefore, exceptionally pure and purifying.

      In the last years, I have developed my own technique to funnel this universal energy in a given space, whether it’s a house, a workplace, or any other building. As a result, energy in space, raise its vibrational frequency and become suitable and beneficial to that of the Human Biofield.

      We are made of energy, and in energy, we build our health, wellness, and awareness as human beings. We don’t need to wait for Science to give a name to this universal force. We can use it to empower our lives and those of people we love.

      1 or 2 days prior

      Declutter & Clean

      your space as much as possible

      The day of the session

      Space Clearing

      The session takes a minimum of 45 minutes to 90 minutes.

      Post session

      Open all windows

      Let fresh air circulate for as long as you can

      3 days later

      Replenish your space

      Fill your space with joy, positive feelings, and your favorite home activities

      About me

      I was born and raised in Triest, Italy and have lived and worked in Canada since 2011.

      My healing praxis has its roots in science. The principles and new discoveries of Quantum Physics pushed me to investigate the nature of the Human Biofield and its relationship with the immune system.

      From 2012 to 2017, through academic studies, meditation sessions, and practical training, I have developed my own style in Biofield Therapy and Space Clearing. The feedback I have received and the results obtained during my training period motivated me to embrace Biofield Healing and Space Clearing full-time after working for twenty-nine years in the Fine Art industry as an Advisor.

      I am also a certified Holistic Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, Relaxation Therapist, and Nutritional Advisor. Principles and techniques of these disciplines are an integral part of my energy practice and allow me to build a very unique relationship with my clients.

      I am a member of the Canadian Association for Integrative and Energy Therapies (CAIED).



      Your testimonial is an authentic act of Love for all those people in need of physical healing, emotional balance, mental clarity, or spiritual enlightenment but still unaware of the power and benefit of Space Clearing. Thank you!


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