October 25, 2019 Marco

Geraldine and Marco have made a great impact on us. My partner and I had a couple’s healing session with Geraldine early in 2019 when we needed it the most. We left her feeling lighter, more inspired and clearer about our life purpose together and moved more smoothly through our journey since. Just recently we moved into a new home and recognized how much we wanted to leave behind all our old patterns of behavior that didn’t serve us anymore and start fresh in our new space. Marco came to clear the energy in our new home and gave us messages that we really needed to hear, as well as practical tips to help us maintain the energy in our space.  We have felt a sense of calmness and newness in the energy of our new space since. Geraldine and Marco are gifted individuals and as a couple is truly inspirational. We are so glad to have been graced with their healing energies.

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