Optimum Space Clearing Result

Dear Friend,
the suggested preparatory process in the timeline graphic requires a little effort from you. As cleansing energies flow more efficiently in decluttered environments, dusting and cleaning your space is advice to make the most of your clearing, but it’s not mandatory.

In the meanwhile, feel free to scroll down and read my posts on Space Clearing and personal biofield hygiene. If you have any questions, you can either send me an email at email hidden; JavaScript is required or register for my blog and post them.
I will reply by the end of the same day.

1 or 2 days prior

Declutter & Clean

your space as much as possible

Clearing Session

Space Clearing session

The session takes a minimum of 45 minutes to 90 minutes.

Post session

Open all windows

Let fresh air circulate for as long as you can

3 days later

Replenish your space

Fill your space with joy, positive feelings, and your favorite home activities